Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill to practice attacking organisational skills

Set up a grid roughly 20m wide and 20m long, with different coloured cones at one end and 5m away from that end (see diagram).

3 defending players line up at one end (blue players between white cones) and 5m infront of them 4 attacking players line up (red players between green cones). One further defender waits at the opposite end of the grid.

On the coaches command the three defending players run to the green cones and turn to defend. Meanwhile the four attacking players run to the white cones and turn to attack, receiveing the ball from the coach (grey). They are trying to score at the far end of the grid (red cones).

Once the attack have beaten the defensive line the final defender may move forward off the try line (red cones) and try and defend.

Coaching points

Moving defenders through footwork and running angles.

Holding defenders to pass to support players who are in space.

Identification and communication of space by supporting players.

Drill tags: channel, defend, games, passing, switch

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