Getting Low In The Tackle

category: Tackling

Rugby Getting Low in the Tackle Tackling *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* In groups of 5 tie a bit of tape or string around the two posts approximately 0.5 to ...

Tackling Technique Chop

category: Tackling

Rugby Tackling Technique Chop Tackling The aim of the drill is to develop low tackle technique from both sides, Left and Right.


category: Tackling

Rugby Tackle Tackling Approach the tackle at pace Move to good low position Head up, chin off chest, tighten shoulders Arms out wide, ready for big h...

Choke Tackle Progression

category: Tackling

Rugby Choke Tackle Progression Tackling 5 stage progression session. Bibs. Balls Cones. 1. Warm up - Wrestle One player with the ball trys to fight t...

Web Videos

Low tackles

Link to World Rugby tackle study: https://sportsscientists.com/2017/07/head-injuries-rugby-part-1-principle-high-level-view/


Community Drills

Perfect tackle 5 points

Blu Player has to perform a tackle on each of ball carrier who tands in a semicircle position (due to change tackle conditions ie. sideway, front.)Mai...

1 V 1 Tackle

Attacker starts with shield.Tackler moves towards attacker then lays down to touch the ground just before the attacker then completes tackle.Ensure ta...

Up and push

Players line up side of a ruck and push up when the ball is out to make the tackleKeep ball carrier on outside shoulderInside defender calls Low ...

Backline Defence Drill 1

Players to sart on inside shoulder, go up first then out, make tackle.Use 'attackers' complete with ball to give a live situation and stop and reset w...