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Pre Season: Contact Conditioning and Skills Session Thumbnail
Pre Season: Contact Conditioning and Skills

As the start of the season nears, continue to build your players resilience to contact and ensure they?re up to speed with their physical conditioning with this demanding session.

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  • This is a simply set up game designed to test players' ability to continuously make tackles, especially when fatigued.
  • Each area should be about 10m long and 5m wide - 1 tackle tube required.
  • Starting from one end, a player runs to the other end where the tube is standing up, and the player tackles the tube to the floor.
  • That player must then pick the tube up and run back to the original position and place the tackle tube there, stood up.
  • The other player in the pair runs from their end, and tackles the tube to the floor, before picking the tube up and carrying it back to thetheir end.
  • Continue this for one minute.

Coaching points

  • Ensure players wrap both arms around the tube and get a strong low position when tackling.
  • Should be instructed to get into a rucking position after the tube is on the ground, for one second, before picking the tube up.
  • Keep telling the players to maintain a high running speed at all time. The rest comes when the partner is making the tackle.


  • This can also be added into a game of touch.
  • For example, when a touch tackle is made, the player making the touch runs off to the backline and tackles a tackle tube, stands it back up and rejoins the game.
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