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How can I improve my tackling?

How can I improve my tackling?

I'm new to the game this year, and I had a couple of injuries to my shoulder and ribs early on which held me back somewhat. I was diving in and making good hits before- now as I approach being fully fit again I have found if I hit a player running at me with my shoulder around hip-height, I make good contact, but fail to get the wrap with the arms, and often don't bring the man down. On bigger lads I've tried hitting as low as possible, but often end up with one leg, sometimes two, and very low, still not getting the desired effect....


So, depending on the size of the opponent, where should I be hitting with the shoulder? Hips, knees, or other? And any tips on getting the wrap right? Thanks

The best way to improve your tackling is by going lower when you tackle. In that way you gain as much strength to tackle. When a player is coming towards you at full pace try using you shoulders and hit hard as low as possible to decrease his momentum and the take him down.

Their are various ways to tackle an opponent.. You can tackle low, to the hips or even to the chest where you can attack the ball and stop quick re-distribution..

Tackling situations vary, and two tackles are never exactly the same, as is the size of your opponent etc.. Also with experience in tackling the philosophy of simply taking an opponent down may change, to delaying quick ball or to stealing ball...

How we tackle has an effect on the general game play... But first and foremost we must learn to take the opponent down, so for now this should be your first focus...

You will have to work on various kinds of tackles, and it is difficult to adequately explain over an internet post, here are a few hints

Static Fundamentals (Non-moving tackler)

1. Keep your eyes on the target... always look up in direction of the tackle, never look down... This straightens the spine.. (This also enables you to wrap your arm around opponent, head down this is impossible)

2. Change levels... This creates unpredictability, and gives a spring to your tackle... As opponent comes drop your weight at your knees and come up at your opponent, it is important to drive forward in direction of opponent, even if you can not hit him backwards, by closing the space you will create better contact and ability to wrap around attacker.. (Again this makes it possible to wrap arms around atacker)

3. Always explode into the tackle... Try to hit opponent a split second before he expects the hit...

Active Fundamentals (Match conditions, must close the space of attacker)

1. Close the field as a unit, approach attackers moving forward

2. Must be moving forward, never backtrack, dont wait for him to come to you, close his space (again defensive structures may vary, but you should never be moving backwards)

3. Shepperd the attacker, force him to attack in a certain direction (eg. start on his inside and force him outwards...(Depends on team defence structure))

4. Slow down as you come near opponent (stops opponent from stepping you and creates variability: constant pace to change in pace is unexpected)..

5. keep good Balance and be on your toes almost like a tennis player who needs to quickly change direction..

6. Just before contact is made, change levels, and hit before attacker is expecting

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