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Lineout Drills

A lineout is used to restart play, when the ball has left the field of play. Unless your team has "kicked for touch" when awarded a penalty the "throw...


Lineout: Lift

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: lift Lineout Jumper Move dynamically into a position from which you can easily be supported. Maintain a long body shape (brace by sque...

Lifting Pods

category: Match-Related

Rugby Lifting Pods Match Related The aim of the exercise is to develop unit work, communication and good Technique for receiving Kick offs.

Lift And Catch

category: Catching

Rugby Lift and catch Catching in groups of 4 or 5 Player in the middle to support both sides. player with the ball throws or kicks the ball into the ...

Lineout: Lift

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: lift Lineout Learning to lift and work as a a pod of three is the foundation of an effective line out. Players must also learn to lift...

Web Videos

Rugby's greatest lineout moves!

A Montage showcasing some of the greatest lineout moves in the game of rugby! Tweet me video requests - https://twitter.com/ADF0110 Any enquiries?

How to fit a lifting block for rugby

Lifting blocks are used in rugby to assist lifting in a line-out. They allow lifters to get a better grip on the player they are lifting which adds he...


Lineout Logistics

Don't get pipped to the pass - teach your players to jump and lift safely to help them become masters of the lineout!


Community Drills

Attacking lineout calls

Our lineout has 2 pods-red (front) and blue (back), stretched between the 5 and 15 meter lines. The middle lifter can be part of either pod. &nb...

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5 PERSON Hooker - Lineouts are not to be contested. No lifting.Explain WHEN/WHY a lineout occurs and demonstrate using 5 kids. Use a rotation system...

Lineout - Middle Jump/Throw

Ball Goes to Middle LocationCall is made by First JumperFirst Jumper back pedals to second Jumper - front lifter comes forward.Call format is:"45...

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• Work within smaller grid (could be between two lines on pitch). Set up even teams against one another.• Two players work at lifting a jump...