Drill Categories

Lineout Drills

A lineout is used to restart play, when the ball has left the field of play. Unless your team has "kicked for touch" when awarded a penalty the "throw...


2 Vs 2 Colours Attack And Defence

category: Agility-Running-Skills

The drill starts with 2 defenders and 2 attackers. The 2 attackers start one behind the other, about 3+ meters apart, the first players job is to e...

Attack The Catch

category: Catching

3 players, 1 ball, 1 pad.

Player with the ball throws up the ball for the player without the pad to run up to jump and catch while the playe...

Catching A High Ball

category: Catching

Call for the ball!

Head and eyes up looking at the ball, get in line with the ball.

Quickly move to the ball's 'drop zone'


Coach Says!

category: Warm-Up

  • Coach gives orders and the players do it.
  • Example include: coach says do a press-up, coach says touch the groud with your right hand...

Compete For The Ball

category: Catching

2 players, 1 ball.

The player with the ball throws the ball up and both player jump up to compete for the ball winner scores the point and t...

Contest Line Outs

category: Lineout

One player throws the ball in to 5 players standing side by side. One player to stand in the scrum half position so as to be ready to receive a pas...

Web Videos

How to lineout jump in rugby

Here is short tutorial video on how to execute the perfect lineout jump. Included are situations where a lineout may occur, a step by step technique, ...



Fitness Testing Session

Work up a sweat with this fitness and conditioning rugby session - testing Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Fitness, Flexibility, Power and Strength

Lineout Logistics

Don't get pipped to the pass - teach your players to jump and lift safely to help them become masters of the lineout!

Pre-season Contact Build-Up

After a long off season period it's important to carefully ease your players back into contact - use this session to get your players tackling again i...

Community Drills

Body Conditioning Circuits

(a) Body Weight Squats x 10(b) Press Ups x 10 Reps(c) Squats Jumps x 10 Reps(d) Plank x 30 SecQuality not Quanity2min rest between setsIncrease ...

fatique drill

tijdens de unit drills en setplay's willen we oefenen met de spelers onder fatique om zodoende de spelers in dezelfde omstangheden te brengen als tijd...

Kick, call and catch

Red player kicks the ball high (min 1 meter over the yellow net). Blue player calls the ball and jumps to catch it.2 points if ball is called and...


****(2 Rounds)**** 1. Spiderman Jump Up *****(see video clip)***** 2. Spiderman Walk to a Sprint *****(see video clip)***** 3. Back Position to a ...