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category: Handling

Set up a channel with two sets of defenders working in pairs inside.

Three attacking players start with the ball and run around the far cone...

Fast Hands

category: Passing

Drill to practice fast, accurate passing.

Set up a T shape with 3 cones roughly 5m away from the central cone (see diagram)

One player ...

Fast Running And Fast Hands

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Mark out a channel about 10 meters in length, with a cone at either end and four diagonally placed other cones.

Divide your players into two...

Web Videos

R80 rugby coaching: hand eye speed

In this simple catch and pass drill, Crusaders skills coach Brent Frew demonstrates an activity that teaches players to develop their peripheral visio...



Community Drills

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L Grid passing drillFast hands, follow through, receiver gives a target, communicating where you are (deep/flat), passing just in front, tking the bal...

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Red patternbacks attack widethen forwards carry off 10 back in midfieldthen the backs realign and attack wide leftgood fast hands keep plenty of ...

Crossover Warm Up

Fast hands, good co-ordination and concentration are required for this cross-over warm up.Use this warm up drill to improve spatial awareness and hand...

alternative passing drill

increase decision making with fast hands,,,,good catching and communication,,,,warm upspeed of alternative passing speed