Quick Hands

category: Passing

Rugby Quick Hands Passing Tell your players the following..... The first player runs out with the ball to the first set of cones and passes the ball ...

Fast Hands

category: Passing

Rugby Fast Hands Passing Drill to practice fast, accurate passing. Set up a T shape with 3 cones roughly 5m away from the central cone (see diagram) ...

Quick Hands Drills

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Quick Hands Drills Agility & Running Skills Hold the ball between your legs, one hand behind, one hand in fornt. Gently throw the ball up and s...

Fast Running And Fast Hands

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Fast running and Fast hands Agility & Running Skills Mark out a channel about 10 meters in length, with a cone at either end and four diagonall...

Web Videos

Quick passing drill

Filmed at Northampton BBOB RFC October half term rugby course. An exercise to get quick hands, keeping defenders true and using the overlap.

How to get faster for rugby

How To Get Faster For Rugby https://youtu.be/fUSaUv7_5IM ============================ Are you a rugby player looking to get faster to outrun your ...



Community Drills

Fast hands starter

fast drill focusing on fast hands and to be ran as a part of a warm upfocus on fast handwork on getting the ball in the right locationall passes made ...

Fast hands Development

developing fast hands by adding additional conceptsfocus on fast handschange first pass locationreset the line to ensure no offside

Passing lanes

further development from quick pass/fast handsoffer players a decision to go for the best lanesallows players to work on both communication and passes...

Complete Drill

development and combination of quick pass/fast hands drill and running lanes drillfocus is on drive and hustle to be in the right place.fast hands and...