Give And Go In The Square

category: Passing

Netball Give and Go in the square Passing Players stand on a corner of the square to begin with, one player has the ball in hand. The player with the...

Give And Go - Landing Circle Edge

category: Attack

Netball Give and Go - Landing Circle Edge Attack A starts with the ball ORANGE drives and receives the ball from A (1) RED drives straight to receive...

Chest Pass

category: Passing

Decisive attack to provide ball carrier various options. Get your players all on the same page so their movement is decisive, direct and threatening ...

Give And Go In Pairs

category: Passing

Netball Give and Go in pairs Passing Players work in groups of 4, with two feeders, two balls and two workers. The workers receive the ball from the ...


The three Rs of netball

Jump, pivot and pass in one fluid movement and give your players more time on the ball.


Getting Free - find the Space!

Improve how your players find space and get free with this movement session - complete with free Task Cards to accompany the session!