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Need Netball Help ASAP

So i'm coaching a group of year 8 students who have little knowledge about netball and the skill i have to teach is positional play and i have no idea what to do as a practice drill and modified game ?

Hi Netball,

You've come to the right place! We've got loads of great content to help with this position problem and we've included some useful links below:

Hope these links help.
The Sportplan Team

ok so you are teaching the very basics.  are you teaching them what positions go where?  easiest way is to give them 7 pics of the court and ask them to shade in where each position goes.  that makes sure they know what areas they are allowed to cover (the court pics are on this site).  then start doing basic catching and throwing drills, making sure they have the basic skills on how to release and receive the ball, and 2 of the basic throws (chest and shoulder)(look up drills on here on drills and technique to instill in them).  footwork is the next big thing to work on, and that is how to catch the ball and not step.  so making sure they understand grounded foot.  the difference between one and two feet landings and how that affects what foot they can step onto, and the basics of running onto the ball. (there are heaps of drills on here on how to run onto the ball.

basic defence distance (3ft), how to defend without obstructing, and basic defence techniques will be something you will have to work on.  get them the basics first and accept that majority of the time they will get called for contact and not 3 ft.  practise center passes and teach the center how to step into the circle, and get the kids to break on the whistle and where they have to stand and who they can throw to.  spreading out will be one of your greatest headaches with new players.  they all want to be part of the play.  teaching them to run into space is something most of us coaches get frustrated with.  teaching basic set plays to give them an idea of where they should be and combos that are tried and tested.  these will just be a stepping stone on how to teach them that everyone has a role to play and its not always got to do with having the ball in their hands, but keeping it from others too, or just opening up the space to be an option.

that should keep you busy for awhile.  there are lots of drills on here that will help you and lots of experienced coaches to support you.  use and abuse us, as we have all had green teams before too, and had no clue of what to do with them.

good luck.

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