Double Play - Working the give and go

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This session provides a great opportunity for your players to familiarise themselves with the ‘give and go’s’. It allows them to gain depth down court and they will begin to think ahead of play and therefore ahead of their defender.

What's in the Session?

1) Passing and moving - This will help introduce your players to the idea of a ‘give and go’s’, while ensuring they still abide by the footwork rule - often younger player may begin to move with ball.

2) Awareness of your movement - Your players must consider both the space available and the angle of their movement after their ‘give and go’s’.

3) Through court - Using the ‘give and go’s’ to gain depth down court.

4) Game situations - It is important that your players can put the drills learnt into practice. This section ensures your players think ahead and consider the ‘give and go’s’ option and when it would be most appropriate.

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