Drill Categories

Decision making Drills

The decision making drills and videos below will improve your players' understanding of the game, training them to think quickly while developing thei...

Defence Drills

There are three stages of Defence in netball: Shadowing - Being on your toes, ready to pounce 2. Pressure (3 ft) - Make things difficult for the opp...


Run And Pass - Two Options

category: Movement

Netball Run and pass - Two options Movement The attackers need to sprint and change direction. 6 players stand Indian file. The player with the ball ...

The Bow

category: Movement

Netball The Bow Movement *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up: Five cones set up as a square with one cone in the center, 1 ball, 4-6 players. Two feeding ...

Pass And Move

category: Group-practices

Netball Pass and Move Group practices Groups of 6 with one ball per group. Player 6 starts with the ball, with player 5 starting to move in to receiv...

Mad- Make A Decision.

category: Decision-making

Netball MAD- Make A Decision. Decision making *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up: At least 6 players form equal lines in a triangle formation. One ball.

Web Videos

Netball - warm up game: switch

Switch is a game which can work on your player's spatial awareness, reaction time & speed. Equipment • Flat makers (You can use cones BUT do not forge...

The rules of netball - explained!

Ninh explains the Rules of Netball, the most popular female only sport played worldwide. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Netball Rules. Watch this...



Community Drills


To select the best passing option using either a shoulder or chest passAttacking Principle: Be ball side of opponent A practice for 6 playerswork in t...