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Game 3 this week and now down to 5 players with the GS GK C out with hand/arm injuries. I still expect all players to turn up to practice.Only 3/8 turned up last week and I wasn't very happy.Others need to fill gaps these players could help.Now I need to rethink that I have requested everyone come, what drills can I do that are ball less.Unfortunately due to age and high visibility of the courts at lunch asking them to visualise would not happen. They are young and I don't want to jeopardise healing for them. It is a shame this has happened early in season as I do think we had an opportunity to do really well, never mind. Always next year

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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

it all depends on their age, and what exactly is injured.  players over 12 say, you might be able to get them to do so catching with the other hand and strengthen wrong hand passes (assuming its their passing hand/arm that is injured).  then you always have footwork drills, zone defence drills, basic defence drills, breaking drills.  none of these necessarily need a ball.  another option is for them to umpire training games. this helps keep their mind in the game and gives them another idea of how well they know the rules.

getting kids to turn up is tough.  if they are young then their parents are the ones that should be insisting they train.  but i know that most parents today do necessarily help in that regard.  most dont want to themselves go, so if their child doesnt want to its just a bonus.  you might want to make up a training contract for them and ask their parents and children to sign.  have a meeting explaining that you are giving up your time to train their kids and youd appreciate their support on making sure team is getting the best out of it.  i too also made sure that unless you were unable to get out of bed you came down and at the very least, "watched" the training session and joined in whatever activities you could.  most parents supported this, but depends on how dedicated the player is.

good luck, and yes it sucks when multiple players get injured.

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Thankfully only down to one injury now a broken hand. But have had one of my boys pull out due to another code telling him if he didn't turn up to all practices (2x week) he would only play a half game. One practice clashed with netball game. 11 & 12 year olds are hard to motivate I hold practices two lunchtimes a week to make it easier on the parents and to capture them, this is not always easy though.Contracting would be a good option if I had some options with subs but am down to 6 players now for the next two games and 7 thereafter.The girl with the broken hand is very motivated and turned up with the injury to practice before the xray thankfully I wouldn't let her use that arm and was the day when only 3 turned up.Thanks for your reply

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