Netball Drill Demonstration


3-6 players, 1-2 balls, 1/3 space.

1 feeder with a ball stands at the top of the triangle.

2 other players (workers) make the base of the triangle.

Working players drive in the shape of a bow. They will cross paths and need to communicate. 

The feeder will deliver random balls so workers need to be ready to recieve a pass at any point.

Progression 1: Bring in a defender. 

Progression 2: Two sets of workers set up opposite eachother across a whole 1/3 space. There are 2 feeders. The drill plays out as above but when the coach calls 'swap' one worker from each side swaps sides and continues the drill.


Coaching points

Players need to communicate as they are working closely in eachothers space. 

Encourage workers to face the ball and be prepared to receive a pass at any time. 

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