Keep The Space Wide

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Keep the space wide Set Pieces Setup the practice as shown. Red 1 starts ... hit in from the right side of the pitch in the attacking 23 metre...

Making Space

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey Making Space Passing & Receiving Players move as shown in the diagram. Player at the front of the queue passes to the player on the wing who i...

Creating Space To Receive The Ball

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Creating Space to Receive the Ball Movement off the ball Player 3 ... Player 3 has to time the run, so they can run out of the channel once pl...

Warm Up Circuit

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Warm Up Circuit Warm-up Games Setup: Lay out sticks on the ground about 1 metre apart. Six sticks ... Place a stick on a pair of cones x6, abo...

Web Videos

England hockey: creating space tips

This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjo...



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