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"Outside the box" formation ideas?

To John Royce: Formations

Hey John just wondered your thoughts have taken over ane A1 Womens Side was trying to think a bit outside the box thought of trying a 1-1-3-4-2 formation or 1-1-3-3-3. had any success or heartache with either. Have varying degrees of age in this team which make it a little for younger ones to comprehend. Regards Ian Manhire Newtown A1 Womens Coach


Hi there,I have a formation that is way out of box.First of all,it's a 1-3-4-3 formation that means that you have 3 defenders,4 midfielders and 3 attackers.The only thing that differs this formation with the original 1-3-4-3 is the line up of the midfielders.2 midfielders play in front of the defenders and the other 2 play behind the 3 attackers,which means that you practicly play without sideline midfielders.To make it easier to understand imagine that the line up of the 4 midfielders create a box.That's why it's called 1-3-4-3 'box' formation.In order to be able to use your players have to be in a great shape because it needs a lot of running especially from the midfielders.You might also need your sideline defenders to be able to make strong and long passes parellel to the sidelines because there would be a lot of space near the line since your midfielders will move mostly at the center of the pitch.By using this formation you always have 5 players attacking and 5 players defening and you have more to use near the sidelines.One big disadvantage is that if this formation isn't 100% understandable by all your players it could lead to a disaster.That's what came to my mind when I read your question.Let me know if you have any question about this.Hope it helps

Thanks bouraspanos sorry if I've got your name incorrect some good points and ideas in there. I've taken over a very young group and it will take some time to work out what exactly will work. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Yours In Hockey

Ian Manhire 

Ian, bouraspanos' 3-4-3 formation does work very well. I use it myself. What it allows you to do first of all, is to control the mid-field. You can nominate mid-fielders into the attack when you have the ball, but immeadiately there is a turnover, they drop back into a defensive role. Secondly, your back line can swing on attack. For example, if your attack is "ball side" your right back pushes forward into a half role, pushing your half/winger into attack support. The centre back and left back slide across to cover, whilst your left half/winger retires to support them.

Have you thought of using a 3-2-3-2 formation? 

The idea being that it stretches the pitch massively with 4 layers instead of 3. You play the 2 infront of your back 3 as screen players, they intercept and pick up a lot of loose ball in the middle of the park. 

Your 3 in front of the screens are very disengaged, very wide up the pitch leaving channels to be played through, but also that centre player has a lot of space to utilise if required.

Your front 2 are very high up the pitch and work together using channels to lead into and out of for ball from screens, from the defensive line or even the forward 3 once they receive the ball, they lead high along the baseline or long J leads, also short little post ups that allow for holding the ball up to bring up those 3 forward midfield players. 

Have a play as when done right the change in formation causes havoc with opposition teams...

I think all formation are good formations depending on your opposition's strengths and weaknesses. Formations can be varied throughout the season or even during the game to suit your team's play, but the ''most important'' pointer to note- is the ''team'' transition from a turnover to defensive channels and how they break out from defence into offensive transition.Players have to understand their ''zones'' in any formation the coach may use and be aware in terms of time and spacing, playing help defence and defensively channeling a player when the end of the day, its the little details that make the formations work effectively.....

Thanks everyone

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