Run Out To Receive Reverse

category: Passing-Receiving

One player starts outside the square with the ball the next player runs out to receive the baqll on the reverse and passes it on the next player comei...

Run Out To Receive

category: Passing-Receiving

In this practice 2 players either side. one side starts with the ball on the cone the player on the otherside has to make a move to the wide cone for ...

Run Out To Receive And Pass On

category: Passing-Receiving

Players start on small square and run out to the corner of the bigger square to receive the ball. After having received the ball and having passed it ...

Run, Pass And Sweep

category: Passing-Receiving

This is a pass and follow exercise with 3 different elements that helps players with fast passing - particularly important when trying to score in the...

In And Out Running

category: Passing-Receiving

The feeders on the half way line pass to the players higher up the field on the wings. The wing players must cut inside and then out to receive the pa...

Pass Run And Far Post

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player 1 passes the ball into the path of player 2. Player 2 runs into the circle and passes the ball to the player on the far post (player 3). Player...

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