Hockey level 2 assessment

Hockey level 2 assessment

Hi,I need to play 4 linked hockey sessions to a specific theme I don't know which one to chose such as I can't say attack because there can be so much to cover . So any help?

Tajinder Kaur Sahota1113849, United Kingdom
Gary ThompsonCoach, England

how about outletting from defence?

I`d have thought you can develop 4 sessions delivering different elements to this theme e.g. (1) early positioning and a quick take of the 16 yd hit (2) transfer round the back (3) creating an overload to 2v1 out of defence (4) putting all of them together.



Gary ThompsonCoach, England

Sorry Tajinder - thought I`d repost here and make my reply a bit more legible!

Sorry for the delay in replying. I didn`t know you had posted an answer.

Yeah, I understand about our new coaching philosophy.

It is ok to use the whole-part-whole philosophy, I’m pretty sure, which is:

- Game.
- Breakdown to technical exercise/small-sided game/drill.
- Another game that develops the ideas in the session.

Or you could try a format of reviewing the techniques required in the session theme, then apply them in an unopposed context and then opposed.

If anyone’s a level 2 assessor, could they comment on what I’ve said?

I’m not sure how I would ‘teach’ some of the things I suggested.

For early positioning and a quick take of the 16 yd hit, I guess we’re trying to get the ball out to the sides quickly, so maybe small sided games (played in grids), perhaps 2v2 with 2 more of each team outside the grid and you score by passing to a player on the outside of the grid i.e. win the ball and pass as quickly as you can to the player waiting outside? Or perhaps the left and right backs have to run over the sidelines and back into the field of play before they can receive the ball? Another thing would be that on a 16, only allow a defender 5 seconds on the ball or something i.e. they don’t have time to walk the ball up to the 16 yard point?

For transfer round the back, perhaps cone off a middle section of the pitch (or have lots of little no go zones - players and the ball can’t go into them), so that you have to pass up the sides. If you have gaps between the no-go zones, you could encourage a transfer through that space. Alternatively, perhaps play a normal game but insist you have to switch play before passing forwards (or perhaps rather than being tackled, you pull the ball back and transfer). Regarding transfers, it’s difficult not to use some kind of drill, so that you can practice the CBs dropping deep for the transfer, etc.

Creating an overload to 2v1 out of defence. Hmmm, perhaps say you can only pass not eliminate players and/or insist that once you’ve passed, you make an overlapping run? Also, controlling the number of touches players are permitted is an excellent way to encourage passing and stopping running with the ball (you might have to combine that with no tackling / no encroaching on the player with the ball).

Sorry – these are not very good ideas. I’m not terribly creative. Perhaps some of my suggestions might inspire you though.

Remember it’s ok to coach your players during a game and drip feed suggestions. Q&A is very important too for promoting thought and understanding but sometimes players are not very forthcoming (particularly kids) and you can also lose a lot of session momentum with Q&A. Equally well, thinking/decision making is of paramount importance, so make sure you explain what you’re trying to achieve.



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