3 Player Passing Drill

category: 4-Passing-Drills

3 player triangular passing drill. Player 1 and Player 2 use defensive dig passes, whilst Player 3 uses the overhead pass. This can simulate player...

3 Player Passing Drill

category: 4-Passing-Drills

A 3 player drill which can be used for a variety of passing

Player 1 Overhead passes to player 2, who passes to player 3. Player 3 then ...

Basic Passing Drill

category: 3-Grass-roots

A basic passing drill in pairs, can be used for either the dig pass or overhead pass

Dig And Overhead Pass Drill

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

A high feed to player 1 who defensive digs the ball to player 2 who sets the ball to player 3.

Web Videos

Overhead pass

This is a basic instructional video on how to perform an overhead pass in volleyball. This was a final project turned in for the Coaching Volleyball c...


Prepare and Spike

The perfect kill shot - The Spike! Teach your players how to improve their technique to master the spike today!

Community Drills

Using Footwork to Move to the Ball

One Tosser/ One PasserTosser will toss one short and one long to the passer.The passer MUST move their feet to get under the ball and forearm pass it ...

Passing to Target/Serve-Recieve

Three players in the backrow and one target. Other players off the court in a single line.Coach will either underarm toss/serve or overhead serve the ...

Volleyball Drill!

Passing over net to partner with intermediate pass.Practise at short distances at first and recive ball with overhead pass. Pass to self, then increas...

Volleyball Testing Procedure

Dig Test:The captain (C) stands facing the 4 players (1,2,3,4) who are positoned 2-4 metres away.The caption throws the ball underarm to the torso of ...