Dig And Overhead Pass Drill

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

A high feed to player 1 who defensive digs the ball to player 2 who sets the ball to player 3.

Jump, Dive And Dig Progression

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

Players work in pairs facing each other. The player opposite starts with the ball and underhand passes it to their teammate, who takes flight off of ...

Accurate Digging

category: 8-Block-Drills

Players work in pairs with a ball between them. The player starting with the ball spikes it to their partner who needs to get down and did the ball ba...

Web Videos

Dig set hit volleyball drill

Terry Liskevych goes over the Dig-Set-Hit at The Art of Coaching Volleyball Portland Clinic. This drill is a team ball control drill. More info: ...