Lower Back Stretch

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Lower back stretch Warm Up Players lie flat on their back and bend their knees together and press them against the floor. Slowly move the knees...

Dynamic Stretching - Pairs Warm Up Routine

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Dynamic Stretching - Pairs warm up routine Warm Up Seated on floor, feet touching, knees bent, join hands and pull one another forwards and .....

Warm Up - Wrestle

category: Warm-Up

Rugby warm up - wrestle Warm Up players start ontop of eachother. the guy ontop is trying to stop ... Dynamic Stretching - Pairs warm up routine Dril...


Fitness Testing Session

Put some responsibility onto your players and make sure that they?re up to the standard they should be after pre-season. Test their levels with this s...



Community Drills

Dynamic Stretching

Captain takes team for a dynamic stretch between try line and 22m line.Ensure there is an emphasis on stretching the muscles and getting warm.

Warm Up

- Light Jog with Long Passes- Dynamic Stretching Lower & Upper Body- Tackle Bag Shift (1 hit on each shoulder.*Players on their tummies*Player 1 calls...