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Pre Season: Contact Conditioning and Skills

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Coaching the Drift Defence

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  1. Seated on floor, feet touching, knees bent, join hands and pull one another forwards and backwards to loosen up lower back.
  2. Same position hands joined, rotate upper body from left to right in an upright seated position to stretch lower back and warm up obliques.
  3. Standing, facing one another each both players place 1 hand on the other players' shoulder, swinging legs in a pendulum motion to stretch the hamstrings (see video below).
  4. Same position but now swing leg diagonally across to stretch groin and glutes (see video below).
  5. Both players do 10 push ups taking at least 5 seconds to complete 1 push up, to warm up and stretch chest and back.
  6. Swing the arms in a circular motion to loosen up shoulders and warm up the arms.
  7. Pick up one another in a tackling technique and take 2 steps with player on your shoulder, then put down softly and slowly. Make sure to pick up with both legs and shoulders (same leg same shoulder)
  8. One player leans forward, the other places his hand on his shoulders, and resists while the player leaning works his way forward using leg power.
  9. Back to back, one player resists with the legs and the other pushes, resist 60% so that the player can keep moving forward.
  10. 1 vs 1 scrummaging with a max effort of about 50%

Coaching points

10 different warm ups players can complete in pairs.

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