Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up an area of about 15 x 15m. Have 2 teams of 5+ players, with 1 one ball.

The players can run anywhere in the area but can't run with the ball. The first team that get 10 passes wins a point. If the ball in intercepted or dropped then turnover. The 1st pass is after the turnover is free.

Stop the game every 1 minute to stretch for 30 seconds.

Coaching points


  • This engages players mental and physical skills as well as warming them up to avoid injury.
  • They are having to work hard because there is an outcome goal of 10 passes.
  • Helps players be aware of space and the opposition.
  • Gets players talking and listening to each other.



  • Players can run with the ball
  • Players can run with the ball for 2 seconds only
  • Overhead passes only
  • Touch the ball on the ground before passing
  • Can't pass back to the person you've received it from


Drill tags: catching, games, junior, passing, skills, warm up

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