Spin Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Spin Passing Passing Give each training area one ball to start with and tell the players the following...... Lets just get the ball moving down...

Spin Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Spin Pass Passing The aim of the drill is to develop a long spin pass.

Developing The Spin

category: Passing

Rugby Developing The Spin Passing Using just one hand they should pass the ball to each other, spinning the ball. They should make 10 passes on one h...

Hit And Spin

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Hit and Spin Ball Presentation Two players with shields stand facing the runners on opposite sides of a grid. On the command, the players run i...

Spin Pass Practice

category: Passing

Rugby Spin Pass Practice Passing This is a simple yet very effective exercise designed for players to focus on spin passing accuracy. Players start i...

Lineout: Throw

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: throw Lineout Players will need to ensure their throw is accurate and timed right to ensure success. Although any players can take the...

Jog - Lock And Load

category: Passing

Rugby Jog - Lock and Load Passing Tell your players the following: Using just one ... This drill is about helping players understand and develop thei...

2 V 1

category: Passing

  1. This is a simple 2 v 1.
  2. The two players have to get past the one defender without being touched, that's it.
  3. The defender wi...

3 'V' 2

category: Passing

  1. This is a simple 3 v 2.
  2. The three attackers have to get past the two defenders without being touched, that's it.
  3. The defend...

5 Attacks 3

category: Sevens

  • Using cones mark out the four corners and the midways points of each side of a 20 x 20 meter training area.
  • Divide your players into...

Web Videos

Rugby coaching spin move

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Pre-season Contact Build-Up

After a long off season period it's important to carefully ease your players back into contact - use this session to get your players tackling again i...


Community Drills

Normal Pass + Spin Pass + Adaptation

Branco: Passe NormalVermelho: Passe que gira- Pegar a bola longe- 1st Cabeça, 2nd Passe- Finalizar passe com as mãos no alvo- Comunicação (Fundo, long...

Hit and Spin Relay

To turn prior to contact and keep ball alvive.Whatch for accurate passing and check balance and foot work.

Pads Warm Up Drill

- Lines of three with coach or trainer in the middle. Have reserves on the pads. - Payers calling hold like a defensive line. As the coach picks ...

Box Kicking

Improving scrum halfs box kick.Make sure you set up a ruck site, so its more realistic. TECHNIQUEEYES AND HANDS- Keep eyes on ball. - Finger...