How can i teach 8 year old boys to spin pass

How can i teach 8 year old boys to spin pass

How can I teach 8 year old boys to spin pass

Mark HarrisCoach, England
Rugby CoachCoach

get them throwing a ball to each other one handed - works a treat

Simon JonesCoach, England


I agree with Richard that starting with one handed passing gets the children to learn quickly what is behind the secret of spin passing. Do remember that we don't want spin passes all the time - only when we are trying to pass over a longer distance. It is actually quite hard to catch a spin pass!

Here are some further thoughts:

To start with:

  • Hold the ball in both hands with the point facing up
  • Put your hands on either side of the ball at its fattest part
  • Throw the ball a foot or so into the air and catch it again
  • Use your strong hand (right if you are right handed) to roll the ball as it leaves your hand
  • Repeat this until you can throw the ball high and it spins in the air and lands in your hands without tumbling (the ball spins around but stays with the point up)

Now with a partner stand facing each other and pass to each other so the ball spins like it did when you were throwing to yourself.

Key points:

  • Position yourself exactly as you would for a lateral pass
  • Hold the ball so the point is facing towards the receiver
  • Look at player who will receive the pass
  • Swing arms towards them and let the ball roll out of your right hand (if you are passing to the left and left hand if you are passing to the right)
  • Follow through with the fingers of both your hands so that they end pointing towards the receiver
  • Pass the ball at chest height in front of receiver

Make it harder:

  • Start a metre or so away and then everytime you both catch the ball move one step backwards
  • If one of you drops the ball take one step closer each other
  • See how far you can pass it without dropping the ball
  • Then run across a small area passing sideways to each other as you did with the Lateral pass but gradually move further away from each other
  • Practise with the other hand so you can spin pass off both hands - it is actually more important to be able to pass off the left hand than the right because of the way the ball is put into the scrum!

I hope this helps you,


Rugby CoachCoach

I would say teach/coach a quality 'push pass' first, then allow the 'spin pass' to develop later on.

KLPS: high elbow (digging action) with ball pointing down at ground - following through with point at target.

You will achieve a quality pass much quicker and can then allow the spin pass to develop with those who can later down the line when needed. 8 year olds don't need to spin pass as the distance is very short.

Rugby CoachCoach

I totally agree with Mel. 8 yr olds don't need to spin pass, and anyway, in my experience, most kids learn to spin pass by copying an adept scrum half at the club rather than by coaching points.

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