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  • This is a simple yet very effective exercise designed for players to focus on spin passing accuracy.
  • Players start in three lines, about 5 metres apart. This is copied on the other side of the playing area.
  • In the middle of the playing area, in front of the three lines are two plastic poles, a metre apart.
  • An end player starts with the ball, runs through the poles and passes to the left, behind the poles of the next player. The middle player collects and runs through their poles, before passing to the final player, who collects the ball before the poles and runs through.
  • That player then pops the ball to a player waiting on the other side. The exercise continues.

Coaching points

  • Players should be focusing on running through the gate first, and prepare to pass immediately after going through gate.
  • Accuracy is key, for the receiver to collect the ball before the gate.
  • Since the receiver will be running straight, weight of pass is important - so that the receiver doesn't have to break stride.
  • Spin passes in this exercise should be as flat as possible.
  • Elbow high when passing, with hands on ball facing towards the target receiving player. Push hands away from the body to execute, creating spin by quickly turning the right hand over the ball. As soon as the pass has been released, hands should end up finishing toward the target player.

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