Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Tell your players the following......
  1. Player A passes to D and cuts - not getting ball back , but holding up - B cuts and receives the ball off D, then turns it back inside to C, who passes to A to score out wide on Right.
  2. Players change position after each attack, the static player will be a runner in the next attack.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, you may have your own. Select the points that most closely match your overall training and session goals.

  • The tempo of this exercise must be high as a skill is only a skills when it can be preformed under pressure, and this exercise applies pressure with each progression.
  • Ball carriers work a speed they are initially comfortable with, building more in more speed and faster decision making as they go - while retaining passing quality.
  • The ball carrier (and his support) uses effective, efficient, and encouraging communication to ensure that they receive the ball when they want it - and to ensure that they have enough time and space to make their pass.
  • Mistakes happen, if we can help players by not having them over-think or get stressed - then we can cut the number of mistakes. Giving players the freedom to make mistakes can actually reduce the number of mistakes and gives players the freedom to enjoy their game and training - while being creative.
  • Receivers present targets and have their hands up, ready to catch.
  • Support runners assume predefined positions, quickly - but time their runs.
  • Ball carriers head must be up and looking to see what is in front of them, they have to react to what they see.
  • Receivers can clap their hands to establish a target.
  • Attackers build their speed, moving the ball through their hands quickly - passing/guiding the ball - not firing it.
  • Support runners come onto the ball at pace.
  • Attackers time their run, or use depth to delay their arrival.
  • Question players, don't tell unless you really need to - let them discover.
  • Progression

    Have two defenders 15 meters ahead of the attack with no restrictions. Players react to what they see, and move defenders.

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