Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following:

  1. Using just one hand they should pass the ball to each other, spinning the ball.
  2. They will continue down the grid until reaching the end before turning back and doing the same with the opposite passing hand.
  3. They can use two hands to catch.
  4. They should be jogging.
  5. That's it, get working.
  • Refer to the coaching points in order to help your players improve. This drill is about helping players understand and develop their spin pass, while improving the quality of their pass. It should be using in conjunction with other training exercises to develop the spin pass.

Coaching points

    Don't feel that your need to focus on all of the following coaching points. Choose the points that take into account your players ability, and your own training and session goals.

  • Receivers hands should be out in order to present a target.
  • The passer holds the ball on their hip using one hand.
  • Their passing hand should be just over half way down the ball.
  • The elbow on the passing arm should be raised.
  • Their fingers should be spread wide, with their hand facing downward. just under the ball.
  • Their thumb can be facing the target.
  • The nose of the ball faces the target, with the nose/point of the ball facing up slightly up.
  • The pass is executed by the passer raising their passing hand towards the target drawing the pass across the body, drawing their hand up and across the ball to create the spin, with the ball rolling off the tips of the fingers.
  • The ball passing hand follows through with the ball, finishing in the direction of the receiver.
  • Use the correct size of ball for the age group.
  • Don't increase the distance or speed of the pass until players can consistently execute a steady pass over a short distance.
  • Make sure that players develop their ability to spin off both hands.
  • The receivers hands should be out, and they should be calling for the ball.


  • Players work as groups of 4 with one ball.
  • Players start using two hands.
  • Players more at greater speed.

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