2 Vs 2 (Quick Scissor)

category: Decision-making

This is a basic 2 v 2 drill to allow players to progress from a simple 2 v 1. In a channel no wider than 10m, 2 attackers have 5 attempts to score...

4 Vs 1 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Players work in groups of six, with 1 ball per group and set up in the following way:

4 attackers vs 1 defender (between the first cones) an...

5 Attacks 3

category: Sevens

  • Using cones mark out the four corners and the midways points of each side of a 20 x 20 meter training area.
  • Divide your players into...

Ball Presentation On Tackle Pop

category: Ball-Presentation

  • Groups of 3.
  • Ball

One player performs a tackle on his knees.

The ball carrier works to manage the contact are...

Web Videos


Running Lines and Fixing Defenders

Create doubt in the defender's mind by getting your ball carrier to run straight with the ball, and support runners to run good lines to create depth ...


Community Drills

Warm Up - L.D.

Lower Body:- Light Jog x3 Sets (Pick Up pace on each)- Dynamic stretchingUpper Body:- 5 Push Ups x3 Sets- Stretches (Between Push Up Sets)Continuity C...

Double Dummy Switch

Fly Half crosses the path of both centres who run in on the angle towards the ball offering themselves up for the crash pop on the inside shoulder of ...