Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up two defenders holding hit shields opposite two even lines of players.

The ball starts with the first man in one of the lines, he runs towards the defender, hits the hit shield and goes down to present the ball. The player behind him in the line clears the defender off the ball and the third player in the line passes the ball off the floor to the first player in the other line who is running onto the pass and runs at the defender.

The players from the first line join the back of their line. The player who has received the pass hits the hit shield, goes to ground and presents the ball towards his team.

The second player clears out the defender, and the third player passes the ball off the floor to the first player in the other line. 

Players switch roles after each repetition, and should switch lines to practice passing in both directions of the floor.

Coaching points

Long/Pencil present - presenting the ball as if they are parallel to the side line instead of perpendicular. They should be on their stomachs with their feet towards the defending side, and the ball presented over the head with two hands towards their support players

Ruck clearing technique

  • The attacker must be supporting their own body weight and wants to hit the hit shield low, wrapping their arms around the defender and driving their legs to clear the defender off the ball.
  • The defender wants to be in a strong position to make it difficult for the attacker to clear out

Passing off the floor:

  • Outside foot next to the ball, other foot facing towards target.
  • The player should get low and stay low. 
  • The pass should be one smooth movement from the floor with the hands following through towards the target, staying low throughout.

Drill tags: defending, positioning, rucking

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