Rugby Drill Demonstration


In this exercise position 3 pad holding units, or 1 or 2 players, five meters in front of 3 rucking units, 1 unit facing each pad. Two players on each pad will provide a little more support for the pad holder - this is useful when a smaller player on the pad may be facing a larger/heavier ball carrier, or an aggressive rucking unit.

There should be one scrum half and only the first rucking group should have a ball. Get started as soon as you can (but don't forget to make sure that the pad holder is holding the pad correctly and that everyone is working hard, but staying safe) - just let the players do what they will, you can refine their rucking roles and the level of execution as the exercise continues.

The first rucking unit should hit the first pad, the scrum half will pass the ball to the second unit which hits the second pad, the scrum half passes the ball to the third unit, which hits the third pad. The other pads and the rucking units realign and get ready to go again. Once the third unit has finished their ruck, the scrum half passes the ball back to the second unit and so on. The exercise should stay live for as long as you need, and be action packed.

Please don't have players standing around for too long, everyone should have something to do - and they should be involved! Enjoy.

Coaching points

Pad holder should hold the pad safely, two hands - one on each strap. Ball carrier hits in low, driving up.

The ball should be carried away from the pad holder, and their supporting player - if there is one.

Support should be there quickly to clear out any danger around the ruck. However, think about what you're trying to achieve - should support go beyond the ruck? Remember the laws of rucking, and when the ruck is over.

The placement of the ball on the ground, it should be fast and controlled. Give the scrum half targets e.g. 3 seconds to get the ball away.

Lots of communication, get the scrum half to talk throughout the ruck - if the players are not talking then there is too much opportunity for confusion around the rucking area.

Talk should help define roles. Players need to play what they see, not what they expect to see.

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