Pass And Run

category: Passing

Set-up a 10 meter grid with a player on each corner. Player 1 starts with the ball. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 and then quickly moves off th...

Pass And Follow In A Grid

category: Passing

The first player runs into the grid and then passes square to a player either on their left or right before following their pass. The receiving playe...

Pass Across The Line

category: Passing

1 ball, 20m x 20m grid and 4 Groups. 2 groups of teams line up across the grid facing each other, 8 players each side. On GO the ball carrierÂ’s team ...

Drop Off

category: Passing

4 cones with 2 balls.Players start running at the same time and when the meet in the middle, the blue players give a drop off pass to the red player b...

Relay Passing Race

category: Ball-presentation

1) All team - legs straddle - pass ball between legs to back person - (s)he runs to front of line. Repeat until all have completed it. 2) Same idea bu...

Pop, Roll, Down, Up And Gut

category: Passing

Players line up opposite each other in two lines.One player on each side has a ball. Before players set off on their run the coach calls out a type of...

Web Videos

How 2 - rugby league passing

In this episode Peter teaches you how to pass. The two basic passing techniques are the standard flat pass and the torpedo pass.