Lateral - Switch

category: Passing

Using cones, mark out a training area 15 meters x 10 meters. Split your players into groups of 2. Allocate 4 groups of 2 to each training area. If yo...

Passing Left To Right

category: Passing

Strong grip, thumbs are out, hold the ball high with fingers pointing to the sky. Keeping your hips square pass the ball across your body, finishing w...

Beat The Defence

category: Passing

Offensive players (blue), line out in one deep line while the defence (red) line up opposite in a straight line, slightly inside player from the playe...

2 X Hit Then Pass

category: Off-Loads

Set up the practice as shown inside a 30m x 30m Grid. 6 Shields and 1 Ball. Player 1 carries the ball before passing the ball to player 2 who bursts t...

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