Rugby Drill Demonstration


Passing in groups of 4.

Have two lines set up parallel about 3-5m apart: in this case Yellow and Orange.

Have players stand on yellow (back) lines in rows of 4.

The first player in the row has a ball. They jog up the orange (front) line and pass back to the next player on yellow line, who then jogs forwards to the orange line and passes back etc. The passer re-organises back to the yellow line ready to receive a pass when the direction changes.


When they reach the end of the row, do the same in the other direction.

Coaching points

  • Turn their heads and shoulder to see the receiver.
  • Good talking from the receiver to help the passer identify distance



Players can't move off yellow line til they have received the pass, which represents a pull back pass to a deep runner; part of a tactical play.

Drill tags: catching, junior, passing, skills, warm up

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