Rugby Drill Demonstration


3 players work together, the middle player working the hardest out of the 3.

The 3 players stand in a line, the middle player doing a side on pass, catching and passing with two hands, same body position as the side on pendulum pass drill.

The other 2 players using the pendulum front pass. The player in the middle is working on his fluidity of movement as well as his technique.

Coaching points

Focus points:

  • Player in the middle needs to focus on fast flowing hands
  • Collecting ball with outstretched arms and hands up
  • Passing from the bottom up to receiving player
  • No spin passing, just focus on a quick catch, if needed slight reshuffle and pass
  • Players should turn torso towards target
  • Follow through with hands towards target
  • Eyes on target before the ball is released
  • Eyes now move from passer to receiver

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