Keep Going 3/2

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following..... The attackers will start at the base of the grid and attack the first box. The 2 defenders in that box, should de...

They Just Keep Coming

category: Passing

We have 8 static passers and two runners. There should be a static passer on each cone, eight in total. The 9th player will be the ball carrier. Both...

Keep The Ball Game

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following: One group of two players will be defenders, you might want to give them bibs. The attackers just need to keep the ba...

Wave After Wave

category: Passing

Keep your player briefing, brief! Tell the players the following or have a demonstration group..... We have 1 scrum half, 4 runners and 3 defenders...

Passing Box

category: Passing

Tell your players the following....... There should be one group of 4 players between each cone on the four sides of the grid. The ball carrying grou...

Loaded Sevens: Touch

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following...... The team with 7 players will be in attack for the first half. Normal 7 rules apply. If the ball is turned or kn...

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Community Drills

8/9 Black

Scrum Centre of pitch, Split backs evens on the right odds on the left.9 puts in, and follows around the scrum, tapping the 8 as he passes (9 must kee...