Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following......

  1. The team with 7 players will be in attack for the first half.
  2. Normal 7 rules apply.
  3. If the ball is turned or knocked on etc. the attack will get the ball back again and can restart with a free kick.
  4. Play.
  • Change the attacking team, switching one of the current attacking players.

Coaching points

  • Defenders do not over commit, they are aware of the need to close down the attack, yet not over commit to any one ball carrier.
  • The attack, holds the defence, fixing defenders and moving the ball to space.
  • The attack should have the freedom to experiment, as a coach question decisions without being critical.
  • Pause the game, not too often, to ask players what they see, what they expect will happen next, and why?
  • Possession is everything, the attack needs to be willing to wait for their right opportunity.

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