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Is this penalty play legal?

I want to run a play that catches opposing players off guard when my team has been given a penalty. Is it legal to call for a shot at the posts, place the ball on the tee, and go through the motions of a penalty kick. However, I keep four or so guys ready behind my kicker, who only kicks the ball off the tee 10m in front. Both the kicker and 4 team mates then run onto the ball, scoop it up and put it through the hands if required to score. I notice a lot of our opposition huddle under the posts, or leave massive areas open, when we call for a shot. Can you call for a shot, but not actually take a shot?

It seems Aaron Cruden and Craig Joubert answered my qustion last night in a Chiefs v Stormers match. Cruden did exactly what iwas curious about and Joubert awarded a short arm penalty to the stormers. His explanation; "...If you call for a shot you have to make a reasonable atempt to kick the goal". I had my question answered by the best referee in the world! 

What was Joubert doing while Owens was answering your query? ;o)

Nigel? Perhaps a close second ߘBut i guess whoever gets the big game next year will answer that one.
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Hi Warde,

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Hope these help!

A kick and a miss only become a deadball if the ball goes over the dead ball line.  To the best that I can remember, the only kick that results in an pre-determined "next step" is a kick to convert a try; and that is on account of the try, not the kick.

While there is a notion of "Fair Play", i.e. making a genuine attempt, that is not in the laws and this play ought to be perfectly "legal".  The burden rests with the players to react to every movement of the ball, until full time is called.  That is a key aspect of our sport that differentiates us from every other sport.


so get your kicker to slip just before he kicks. or get him to practise hitting the posts. I have seen some crazy kicks at goal where the ball has hit the corner if planned you can make it look like a reasonable attempt.could be a fun thing to do , not sure I would spend time on it myself ( havnt yet ) but I have also pondered this question

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