Drill Categories

Backs Moves Drills

There are seven backs in a team, with the rugby position numbers 9-15. As the name suggests they are positioned behind the forwards, and include the S...

Defensive Patterns Drills

Defensive patterns are the positions your players take up when stopping opposition attacks. By developing your players knowledge of defensive pattern...


Blitz Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Blitz Defence Defensive Patterns WHY? Put pressure on attacking side. Force ball back inside. More numbers in defence than attackers. WHEN?

Building The Defence 1

category: Sevens

Rugby Building The Defence 1 Sevens Tell your players the following......... The coach will call a number e.g. 1. That attacking group must attack, a...

Broken Defence

category: Sevens

Rugby Broken Defence Sevens Tell your players the following..... The attacking group will wait at the top of the training area until the coach calls ...

Drift Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Drift defence Defensive Patterns 4 Tackle Bags. 10 Cones and 1 Ball. 10m x 30m. The first player in the line begins with the ball. As he approa...

Last 15 Defence Drill

category: Defensive-Patterns

Rugby Last 15 Defence Drill Defensive Patterns A drill to practice defending in wide channels. Set up a grid that is 40m wide and 20m long, with the ...

All In Touch

The following are the laws for this game:

  • Equal number of defenders and attackers.
  • Use bibs to identify both teams.

Behind The Posts

Tell your players the following.......

  1. One team of 7 will be in attack, the attack should start behind the 22 meter line and they will...

Drift, Cover or Blitz Touch

During a game of touch in a grid sized 30 x 30 metres the coach can choose to call blitz, drift or cover at any breakdow...

Loaded Sevens: Touch

Tell your players the following......

  1. The team with 7 players will be in attack for the first half.
  2. Normal 7 rules apply.

Passing compass

  • Have a quick demo using one group - keep your player briefing, brief.
  • Each pair face one another and stand side by side, about 1 met...

Space Invaders

Keep your playing briefing, brief and tell the players the following laws.

  • Both teams are in attack and both teams are in defence, at ...

Structure Defence

  • 5 attackers - 10 defenders (or 2 to 1 ratio dependent on numbers)
  • Start slowly with ruck ball
  • Defenders cannot steal ball
  • Sessions

    Improving Rucking Technique

    React the quicker and get on the front foot in attack with this session, by improving their rucking technique!

    Phase Play and Continuity

    Continue to build the phases in your play and get your team working as an unit to offer support with this session!

    Defensive Skills: Contest Possession

    Pile the pressure on the oppositions attack with this defensive skills session. Get them scanning the attack to put pressure on the ball carrier and a...

    Improving the length of pass

    The ball travels faster than a running player, so stretch your opponents defence by developing your players' long pass.

    Quick Ruck for Quick Ball

    Quick rucking that produces quick ball is the first step towards a dangerous attacking side. Use this session to get your team rucking quickly, effici...


    Community Drills

    Defensive sliding drill

    Four Players will line up on the try line whilst the other players will line up behind one cone waiting to attack the try line.the defensive players a...

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    Ruck Defence Drill 1On a whistle, the forwards will recreate leaving a scrum or line out to take up positions at A,B,C,D around ruck

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    Defence shape Tight 5 - hold the trafficoutside backs and lose forwards hold wider channals - look for jackle back three - work pendulum&nbs...

    12 Pivot - BD 4

    Back line "recoil" and attack openside creating "Go Forward" Forwards to clear 9/10 channel and be available as runners / sup...