3 V Tackle Bag And Body Suit

category: Tackling

3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the person in the body suit second; these two shou...

Crash Through 2 Tackle Bags

category: Tackling

Basic but good warm up drill for matches. 4 cones set up a grid of about 5-10m by 5-10m. 2 defenders with tackle shields start in the centre. Attacker...

Attacking Footwork And Tackling

category: School

Grid size is around 5x5m. You can keep changing the size of the grid.  The defender must shadow the attacker as they run towards a cone (lef...

Rucking Grid, No Pass

category: School

Grid size is 10 m x 10 m.  3 pads  3 attackers.  No passing allowed.  Attackers try to get across the grid wit...

Running Side Tackle

category: Tackling

Starting with their backs to one another, two players stand 5 metres apart and run off in opposite directions along one side of the 20 metre grid. At ...

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Visions: teachers tackle rugby

Teachers tackle the finer points of rugby sevens in the latest episode of Visions. We go behind the scenes of a new project from the Melbourne Graduat...