Chain Reaction - Progression

category: Tag-Rugby

  • 2 x Adjacent 20m x 10m channels
  • In the first channel, players pass the ball across the line in a chain. After the first pass, the player t...

    Chain Reaction

    category: Tag-Rugby

  • Divide the 20m x 20m grid in half. 1 Ball per group
  • Players 1 starts standing with the ball. Player 2 starts on one knee. Player 3 starts o...

    Handling Warm Up Drill

    category: Handling

    1) Run outside cone with ball (either side) and on to other group.

    2) First three people in each group with a ball - six people on the move....

    Single File Running

    category: Tag-Rugby

  • Groups of 5
  • 1 Ball per group.
  • Ball at the front of the group.
  • The first player runs out to the 5 meter line then stops, ...

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    This is rugby

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    Community Drills

    Hula hoop round the circle.

    Have each group link hands/Sleeves if shy.The idea is to move the hula hoop round the whole group without breaking the chain.

    Chain of rucks

    DESCRIPTION5 playersn 1 starts running, puts the ball on the ground and turns up facing the linen 2 takes the ball and go to contactn 1 tackle n 2n 3/...

    Chain Tag

    What to do One player starts as the defender in the centre of the playing area. When the defender calls ‘Go!’, the runners attempt to cro...

    Back Passing attack 2

    (borrow 8 man)set phase attack play. Misdirection, load one side with most of backs except 10-11. Use 8 man pick to target opposing scrumhalf. scrum h...