Timing The V Cut

category: Movement

Netball Timing the V Cut Movement Coach starts the drill by passing the first ball. First 2 players drive in opposite angles and the coach passes bal...

Timing The Lead

category: Passing

Netball Timing the Lead Passing Set up a square of players, 5m x 5m, numbered 1-4 as shown. A player each from 2 and 3 runs forward. They both look r...

Timing The Interception

category: Interception

Netball Timing the Interception Interception Get into a group of 4 with one ball Two players will be feeders and will stand approxiamtely 4-5 meters ...

Time Your Run - Pass And Move

category: Movement

Netball Time your run - pass and move Movement The Player with the ball passes to player in space on the left. The player ... Timing the V Cut Drill ...

Web Videos

Netball drills - milkshake

The Milkshake Netball Drill is a definitely player favourite across all ages and ability levels. I have yet to come across a player that doesn't love ...

Netball drills - the one two drill

The One Two Drill is our most difficult yet but once it's broken down I think any players who can pass and catch could give it a go! It's a great team...