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L2 Coaching Course - help to plan a session

I have completed my first weekend of this course and soon to do the second which involves planning and running a 20 min session, I don't know where to start, can anyone help who has done this course please

Hi Jude,

When planning a session you should break it up into the following sections: warm-up, skill development, skill demonstration/game. Firstly the warm-up should involve a high energy game that gets your players pluses raised and gets them ready and thinking about the upcoming session. The skill development is arguably the most important part of the session. This is when your players learn and develop a certain skill e.g. different ways to lose their defender. This section should include several drills with progressions to allow success for all level athletes. The final section is skill demonstration/game. This is the time you give your players the opportunity to demonstrate and put into practice what they have learnt. You can stop and start the game/drill where necessary to highlight positive passages of play but also where improvements can be made. 

Hope this helps. 

Hiya We just need to cover a 20 min slot so it needs to be a quick plan that’s easy to execute I guess. 



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Hi Jude,

I am unsure the age or ability of your athletes but here is a broad example for you.


- Street tag

Skill development

- Moving around the attacker - gets your players practicing their movement and positioning, ensuring they are the correct side of the attacker

- Marking player and intercepting - this builds on the previous drill and gets your players focusing on multiple things e.g. the player and the ball and helps them work on timing the intercept

- Defend the lane - this is a good group drill that combines the previous drills. Players will work on being ball side, their angles, movement and timing of the intercept

Skill implementation

- If you have time I would advise you finish with a 7 Vs 7 normal game of netball. Here you can then pick out what players did well and could improve on

- Alternatively Multi-ball madness - provides a fun, stimulating game giving your players a lot of defensive opportunities

Hope this helps.

Thanks Eleanor you are a star.  The group that I have to assess are all adults with a good skill level already but it's more about showing the ability to plan a session and observing and asking questions to get them to identify what they think is right and wrong and working from there.

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  • create your own professional coaching plans
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