Overload Set-Up

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

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Using The Overload

category: Warm-ups

COACHING POINTS. In a 3 vs 1 scenario you should always have an attacker free, if not it is poor decision making. One attacker can draw the defender o...

Ball Skills Mini Guantlet

category: Small-games

Attacker has to work her way through the defenders passing and receiving the ball from the feeders 6 times. Defenders to mark in zones so as not to ov...

Overload Variation

category: Set-Plays

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Web Videos


Attacking and Getting Free - Part 1

Netball is all about outwitting your opposition, that's why in this session we give your players a toolbox of tricks to help them get free and lose th...


Community Drills

Centre Pass: Overload #2

Center Pass: OverloadSTEP TWO: C runs to space after passing off. GD has options in GA and WA.NOTE: This play requires fast passes and leads through t...