Attacking and Getting Free - Part 1

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The aim of this session is to encourage your players to vary the way they get free from their defender to receive the ball. Remember Netball is all about outwitting your opposition!

To help your players outwit their marker this session gives your players a toolbox full of tricks they can use to help them get free from their defender to receive the ball.

What's in the Toolbox of Tricks?

Here's a selection of the moves covered in this session:

Netball Toolbox of tricksDodge, Straight Sprint, Roll Off, Change of Direction

In this session we aim to replicate the game as much as possible. By putting your players under pressure to give the best possible match practice - getting free from their marker to receive the ball (i.e. overload the defence in practices). It's important that your players have variety when losing their marker, so that their next move isn't predictable to the opposition!

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