Attacking and Getting Free - Part 3

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Teach your players to dodge like a butterfly and drive like a bee with this final getting free plan. In it we look at attacking techniques your players can use to make it easier to receive the ball.

In this plan we build on the skills covered in the previous two plans to improve how your players get free to receive the ball and make space for the pass.

Getting free skills

Netball Toolbox of tricksYour players should already be familiar with some of these skills, but there's always time to improve their toolbox of tricks. Skill covered in this session include:

Dodge, Sprint, Change of pace / direction and Double dodge

What else is in the session?

There's some new drills in here and a couple of familiar ones from the previous two plans.

After a swift warm up it's straight into game pressure drills - designed to improve how your players outwit their opponents. Then to finish we reward your players with a fun three-in-one conditioned game. A fun finish to a full on attacking movement plan.

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