Drill Categories

Zone defence Drills

Zone defence relates to your players' ability to take space away from the other team when they are attacking and you are defending. The zone defence d...


1 V 1 - Actual Defending

category: Interception

Two feeders stand in middle of the court, either side of the center circle. The attacking player passes the ball out to the feeder and then runs out, ...

Shadow Stamping

category: Defence

One player has to stand with her back to the sun and move left and right. The other player has to try and stay on the shadow of the player moving. If ...

Shadow Dancing

category: Defence

In pairs, one player moves quickly from left to right, using small side steps while their partner tries to keep up. Both players are facing each other...

Follow Your Player

category: Defence

Players work in pairs (one defender, one attacker).The court is divided into 3 channels along the length of the court. The ball is placed in the cente...

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Defending in netball

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