Intercepting 3S

category: Interception

Player 2 with ball throws ball towards player 1 Player 1 throws ball to player 3 and player 1 attempts to intercept this After three attempts, the pr...

Marking Player And Intercepting

category: Interception

Blue 1 and 2 passing to each other. No. 3 is dodging from side to side. White 1 defends. Feed can come in at any time to no. 3 and defence attempt...

Intercepting - Angles

category: Interception

Players 2 and 3 stand just in front of a line. White 1 stands in the middle but just behind the line, and is ready to move, on her toes. The feeder f...

Intercepting - Group

category: Interception

Split the group into minimum of 3 people with one ball per group. Player 2 runs to the side to receive ball from player 1. They then turn and feed the...

Intercepting - 5S

category: Interception

3 and 4 are posts (static). 1 and 2 can only feed the ball straight. They pass the ball to each other and occasionally feed to 3 and 4. Defender 1 m...

Intercepting The Pass

category: Warm-ups

Using a limited area of the court. i.e. a tennis service court or badminton court (about 3 metres wide). Worker 2 dodges to receive the ball between ...

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