Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up:

3 lines are set up in triangle formation, one ball. 3 feeders at the front with a
defensive player behind.

  • Ball is passed around the 3 front players.
  • Feeder is at the front of each line with the intention to receive a pass from any two of the other lines.
  • Player immediately behind the front person is to time an intercept from incoming pass.
  • Once pass received from defender it can be passed to any other line and the same is repeated.
  • Rotate through feeders and defenders.

Coaching points

Players learn how to time their movements to intercept the pass.

When coaching, place importance on footwork and players taking their feet with them around the player, not just moving arms around as this makes for lazy play, potential contact and potential footwork mishap.

Common errors:
Players standing next to the receiver, they need to come from behind and take their whole body with them.

Some players may 'push' through the standing player. Introduce defending with the outside arm. Emphasis is on the player to take their feet and
move around the receiver, if they can’t quite make it for a full intercept they are to use their outside arm to tap the ball and chase.


  • Distance between 3 passes become further apart and defenders start further back from the passer. If defenders are starting from further back and drive for intercept but ball is not passed they must go back to drive forward again.  
  • Defenders become more fluid between lines and communicate what pass they are intending on intercepting with other players.

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