Feint Shot In To A Pass

category: Shooting

Netball feint shot in to a pass Shooting Blue number 1 dummies a shot and passes the ball to number 2. Number 1 ... Dodge/Shoot/Rebound Drill Thumbna...


category: Getting-free

Netball Dodging Getting free Split players into 4s inside a coned area. ... To begin with White 2 feints a movement one way and then sprints in oppos...

Ball Skills Mini Guantlet

category: Small-games

Netball Ball skills mini Guantlet Small games 3 Feeders, 3 defenders, 1 attacker, 1 ball. Attacker has to work her way through the defenders passing ...

10 Passes Before Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball 10 passes before shooting Shooting The three attackers start at the transverse line and must make five passes ... Dodge/Shoot/Rebound Drill ...

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Movement Skills - The Roll

Help your players to receive the pass with this space-finding session, getting players to escape their marker with the spin and go!


Community Drills

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Taking ball to circle from sideline pass using feint dodgeFeet shoulder width apartBody weight over feetStrong push off outside footUpper body upright...

feint dodge

In this exercise players will learn three ways of getting free through feint dodge.Double cut back: WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direct...