Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Get into 4's with 1 ball 
  • Set out a straight line with cones 
  • 2 players will be feeder - one either side of the line 
  • The other two players, one will be an attacker and the other a defender - they will start one side of the line (that feeder should start with the ball) 
  • The attack must receive the ball from the first feeder, they will then pass to the spare feeder
  • The attacker must now cross the line and receive the ball from the other feeder 
  • The attacker will work for 8 passes (4 balls from each feeder) 
  • The aim of the defender is to prevent the attacker getting the ball
  • The practice is continous - the attacker will stay in until they have successfully completed their 4 boxes, likewise the defence will stay in until they make a tip, interception or force a mistake

Coaching points

  • The defender should think tactically, they may not want to go for every ball. Instead, let one ball go and then stop them crossing the line
  • The defender should also try to force the attacker high (into the feeder) forcing a short pass or back over the top where the defender can compete for the ball

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